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Getting to the Root Cause of the issue


Our Mission is to help the body heal by giving YOU the right tools and support. We believe in getting to the root of the issue! FOR EVERY DISEASE THERE IS A CAUSE, AND FOR EVERY CAUSE THERE IS A CURE!


Our goal is to get your body to a state of TOTAL healing! Most ailments and issues can be traced to overloaded and toxic liver, kidneys, and digestive system.

Once these detox pathways are cleansed and cleared, MOST ailments can be reversed.

Also, more than 75% of Americans have Insulin resistance, which can be controlled and cured WITHOUT medication, in most cases.

We make it easy and simple for you to transition into a
healthier lifestyle by providing you with a personalized consultation to see what plan works for you, a healthy meal plan with specific herbs known for their healing properties, and one on one support.

We are confident that you can find answers to what you are looking for by taking this journey with us; On the road to better health!

Our Flagship Product-21-Day Detox!

Also, available in paperback or hardcopy on Amazon!

Our Services

Detox Book for Beginners.

The Detox program that swept the nation with amazingly delicious, easy to prepare plant-based menus, resulting in amazing stories of healing and weight loss!

LOADED with Delicious, Plant-Based dishes you make in under 15-minutes, it’s a SIMPLE and DELICIOUS way to detoxify your liver, kidneys and colon!

This Program is not for those with SERIOUS health concerns. This is for those who are looking for delicious ways to start the journey to better health.

Your purchase of the E-BOOK qualifies you for a Free Consultation.

Health Assessment Briefing

Have more serious concerns, such as facing female surgery, liver/gallbladder disease, severe digestion?

You need a modified program! One that is more catered to YOU & your health concerns.

This brief 30-minute call is for us to assess what your health needs are and if I am able to assist you.

I ask that you be in a quiet, private place for this call as we may go over some private or personal information.

Health Reset Program

The ULTIMATE Program!

Reset Program-90 Days to Better Health!

This is the program that is designed to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
90-Day Wellness Program with a Pre-Cleanse/Fast/4 Phases and a Maintenance Plan.

Shopping List/Menu for All Phases

Weekly Coaching and Monitoring for the ultimate success!

Mindset Therapy Session twice monthly to make sure you become the person mentally you want to be physically!

Modifications and specific herbs & foods for your specific health concerns.

Accountability Partner to hold your hand through the entire 60 days.

Weekly group Body Movement Classes to oxygenate the lungs, detox the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system and more.

Group Support.


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